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B1-2700 Double Beam Spectrophotometer
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Product Details

Monochromator Double Beam Equipped with high resolutdiffraction grating and seya Namioka Mount.ion concave
Optical System Double Beam, Grating 1200 Lines/mm
Wavelength Range 190nm1100nm
Spectral Bandwidth 1nm
Wavelength Accuracy <=/0.1nm (656.1nmD2),,=+/0.3nm( Full Wavelength Range)
Wavelength Repeatibility 0.1nm
Photometric Accuracy ±0.03%T(0-100%T)
Photometric Repeatibility 0.001 Abs (0~0.05Abs)
Photometric Range -3A~3A
Stray Light <=0.02%T(220nm,nal,340nm NaMO2)
Stability ±0.0004 A/H@500nm
Baseline Flatness ±0.001A
Noise 0.0003 A/H
Scanning Speed Fast, Mid, Slow
Wavelength Setting Auto
Keyboard Membrane Keypad
Light Source Deuterium & Tungsten Lamp
Wavelength Resolution 0.1nm
Photometric Mode A.T.C
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Interface USB Portandparallelport(Printer)
Power AC 220V/50Hz or AC 110V/60Hz
Dimension 590x460x220mm
Weight 25kg
Drift <=+/0.0004A bs/h
Cell Holder 2 Cell Holder


  • Medicine/Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Commodity Inspection * Food Inspection
  • Agricultural Chemistry
  • Teaching in colleges & Universities
  • Metallurgy
  • Geology
  • Machine Manufacturing
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Water and waste water Labs
  • Food and beverages Labs 

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BI-295 Single Beam Spectrophotometer
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Product Details

Optical System Single Beam Grating 200 Lines/mm
Wavelength Range 190-1000mm
Wavelength Setting Auto
Wavelength Repeatability 0.5mm
Weight 12kg
Dimension 420x280x180mm
Power Requirments AC 85-250V
Output USB Port & Parallel Port (Printer)
Detector Silicon Photodiode

Features :

  • Large LCD Screen (2Bx64) Dots.
  • Can Display and save 50 Groups of data .5 Groups per screen,
  • Data can be restored after a sudden power cut.
  • Auto Setting Wavelength.
  • Tungsten lamp & Deuterium lamp can be turned on/off individually to extend lifetime.
  • Automatical IWL Calibration and Dark current getting with Scanning.

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Nano 100 Micro Spectrophotometer
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Product Details

Wavelength Range 200~800nm
Path Length 0.2mm(For High Concentration Measurement )1.0mm( For Ordinary)
Light Source Xenon Flash Lamp
Detector Type 3864-element linear Silicon CCD Array
Wavelength Accuracy 1 nm
Spectral Resolution <3nm(FWHM at Hg 546 nm)
Absorbance Precision 0.003Abs
Absorbance Accuracy 1%( at 0.76 at 350 nm)
Absorbance Range 0.02-90(10 mm equivalent)
Measurement Time <5s
Dimension(WxDxH)mm 200x262x154
Weight 2.5 Kg
Sample Pedestal Material Aluminium Alloy and Quartz Fiber
Operating Voltage 24V DC
Operating Power Consumption 12-18W
Standby Power Consumption 5W
Software Compatibility Windows 7, WindowsXP

Nano-100 is the perfect instrument for almost lab dealing with sample analysis or preparation. It can accurately measure dna, rna and oligonucleotide calculations, protein assays etc. The system utilizes ccd detector, a xenon light source for long lamp lifetimes together with simply software. Simple pipette 0.5-2u1 sample onto the pedestal, laying down the sampling arm, it can automatically complete the measurement within 3-5 seconds.



  • Direct, easy measurements in less than 3-5 seconds: just pipette & wipe.
  • Full spectral output.
  • Measures dna, rna (a260) and protein (a280), concentrations and sample purity (260/280 ratio) .
  • Large concentration range without dilutions.
  • User-friendly software that includes custom methods and data export capabilities.
  • Low-cost operation--no plates or other consumables.

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